FixAtive 100

Water-based fixative for horizontal and vertical supports

Fija Extrem Base Acuosa

Water-based acrylic primer, very fine particles, to enhance anchorage and consolidate absorption in all RTS products.

Exterior and interior use.


FixAtive 100 is based on water-based acrylic copolymer emulsions, with great penetration into supports

  • Great penetration on vertical and horizontal walls.
  • Absorption regularizer.
  • Primer prior to applying RTS products, thus facilitating anchorage on non-porous media.
  • It improves the longevity of the finishing product.

Containers and efficiency


FixAtive 100

Drums: 4l. y 15l.

Coverage: 0.125-0.150 g. per m² approx.


Fixative 100 technical specifications