FixAtive P.U.

Non-residue acid for non-porous media, like glass, glass mosaic tiles, porcelain…


Fixative PU Primer, creates, both in the case of waterproofing and flooring and adhesives, “bridges” with great adhesion between the support and the treatment applied, so that there is a “chemical anchor” between both elements. Although Fixative PU Primer is a product that does not form a film (so this product is not suitable for applying on its own), and it provides great adherence in combination with single component polyurethane products.

Indoor or outdoor use, it can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray gun.


FixAtive P.U. is based on non-residue acids, to open the pores and preparing non-porous media.

  • It creates micro points, in order to provide a better grip.
  • Primer, prior to applying RTS products, thus facilitating anchorage.
  • It improves the longevity of the finishing product.
  • Fixative PU Primer is applied to such disparate media as: glazed mosaic tiles, brick.

    – Terrazzo.

    – Marble.

    – Tiles.

    – Plastics.

    – Highly polished or worn concrete with no porosity.

    – Glass.

    – Previous treatments with very worn epoxy / acrylic resins.


    For subsequent application of ReveCork, ZERAMIC Extrem and Tinazec products

Containers and efficiency

FixAtive 250

Drums: 0.750 Ml. y 4l.

Coverage: 50 g. per m² approx.


Fixative P.U. technical specifications