Vertical supports and facades

Soportes Verticales

Climate control, thermal, elastic, multi-adhesive and ecological coating based on particles of natural cork, fibers in suspension and breathable and waterproof elastic emulsions. Application may be using a brush, roller or airless spray gun.



For indoor use ReveCork Vertical Supports.
For outdoor use ReveCork Facades.


ReveCork Vertical Supports and ReveCork Facades are a cork-based coating with unprecedented properties: thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, anti-condensation, saltpetre protection, environmentally friendly. Great penetration on vertical and horizontal walls.


Cork is composed of dead cells, whose interior become filled with gas-like air, that gas is nearly 90% of the cork, hence its minimal weight and compression. The walls of these cells, which are like tiny watertight compartments, are mainly made up of suberin and cerin, substances which make it flameproof, flexible and virtually rot-proof.


Its various applications include:
-Ecological: Low VOC content, at the same time immediately reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
-Reaction to fire: M-1 does not propagate fire.
-Thermal insulator: Cold-hot -18oC and 90oC (both indoors and outdoors).
-Anti-condensation system: Product that eliminates cold bridging thus preventing condensation.
-Anti-salpetre: Retains and prevents the occurrence of saltpetre in supports.
-Rising damp by capillary action: It removes rising damp by capillary action, in the form of water vapour.
-Permeable and Waterproof: Acts as a skin, this means that it is 100% waterproof and completely breathable.
-Decorative: Product which may be applied using a roller, brush or airless spray gun, you can obtain multiple finishes in relief or as a glaze.
-Easy Aplicattion: A ready-to-use product that may be applied with a brush, porous roller or sprayed (in the latter case its main quality is that it does not clog hoses).

Containers and efficiency

Soportes Verticales

ReveCork Vertical Supports