Sprayed cork

Industrial Sprayed Cork

Common multi-functional, elastic, multi-adhesive and eco-friendly coating, made of particles of natural cork and waterproof and breathable elastic emulsion. It may be applied on both exteriors and interiors. (For another applications, please consult: ReveCork).

It may be applied on both exteriors and interiors.

Its various applications include:

  • Thermal insulation (cold-hot).
  • Removes damp caused by condensation and capillarity.
  • It eliminates saltpetre.
  • it reduces echo and reverberation.
  • Applied on metal it is a spectacular antioxidant.
  • Ecological product, immediately reduces CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere, low VOC content.
  • Available in ReveCork, Nova, and NCS colour charts.

Nowadays, Revestimientos Técnicos Sostenibles SL is the only manufacturer in the world which has developed new applications in cork-based insulation, can now also be applied by:

  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Float or trowel
  • Airless spray gun

Should you require further information about this product line, you can consult the ReveCork Cork product line. ReveCork Cork.

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