Our founding partners, have been together for a lifetime at the head of the business, all of them linked to the world of refurbishments, construction and technical application.

ReveCork - RTS laboratory

Professionals at your service

F. Flor

Head of production

He has been in the sector of application and development of technical products for 30 years, giving us the experience of the behaviour of materials and their performance.
His tenacity and knowledge of raw materials makes him an expert in the development of innovative products.

J. I. Lara

Operations manager

He has been a builder and developer of housing, industrial buildings and commercial premises for more than 25 years.
His experience makes us aware of the various problems to be found in the construction sector, as well as the problems and needs of this trade.
His concern is always with achieving maximum performance from machinery and the product.

I. Walter

Commercial Director

Linked to the world of manufacturing, distribution and advice on technical coatings for more than 20 years.
He contributes knowledge on how different problems regarding different supports or surfaces should be treated and refurbished, in order to optimize costs and qualities.

Clear ideas

The union of this force enables us to see and understand that a facade, a roof and metal or wood structures are all different. And above all, that there is no miracle product that works for all of them. Each problem has its own solution and application.

Our products

Technical Department

Our company has a technical and specifications department, to serve our clients, this is totally free, via phone calls or email, where you can send us photographs of different problems that want to treat and find the best solution to every problem. Provided we can do so remotely).
For guarantees, we will have to visit the site and perform an in- depth study. (Depending on the geographical location, it will incur a certain cost for the company or person requesting it).


Nowadays, {1>Revestimientos Técnicos Sostenibles S.L<1} is one of the most reliable companies in the sector, both due to its experience, manufacturing and consulting. So much so, that {1>our company collaborates on the sustainable building programme of the Andalusian Regional Government, on matters of energy-saving homes, as well as with several companies holding energy saving certification.
We are a factory that undertakes continuous product innovation through our R&D Department.

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