Zeramic Extrem


Void liquid ceramic Beads

Make your home cozier

A small investment for a big energy saving

A thermal efficient building wastes fewer energy as the temperature inside stays steady.

A three-layer coating Zeramic Extrem application equals the insulating properties of polyurethane foam panels of 8-10 cm.

You can apply as many layers as necessary.

Save money now!

Conclusions to Zeramic Extrem W Test

Ensayo Zeramic Extrem W indice SRI según ASTM E1980-11 (Reflesión solar y emisividad) (Trial
on Solar Reflexion and Emissivity)

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The latest technology is available to you

ZERAMIC Extrem is based on the technological discoveries of the space race. In the 1980s, NASA designed a special coating for their space shuttles to protect them from extreme temperatures in outer space. A combination of liquid ceramic beads, nanoparticles and nanotechnology.

It is a remarkable material with stunning features. One single product solves most pathologies we often find in construction/refurbishment works, roofs or pipes.


ZERAMIC Extrem thermal insulator immediately reduces CO2 emissions which helps us cooperate with future generations to comply with Kyoto Protocol against Climate Change.

Make your building cozier and more sustainable for XXI century standards at the same time.

Guia practica para la rehabilitacion de edificios IDEA (IDEA Guide for Building refurbishment)

Thermal insulation Technical Details

Why apply Zeramic Extrem?

Zeramic Extrem thermal insulator creates a thermal external coating; “Climalit” glass Effect which prevents colder temperatures outside to penetrate in your building.

In cold climates when applied indoors, Zeramic Extrem behaves as a thermal shield which prevents temperatures leaks in our buildings as the heat we generate does not leak out of our building.

In hot climates in the summer, Zeramic Extrem protects our rooms from heat outside. As a result, we will save money on air conditioning.

Due to its technical characteristics, Zeramic Extrem eliminates the radiant barrier in old or poorly insulated buildings. In addition, it prevents condensation effects inside.

Zeramic Extrem, when applied indoors, help us reduce temperature leaks up to -35%.

Thermal Installations

Advantages for property owners

In thermally insulated homes, the role of Zeramic Extrem is to improve the lives of their occupants or owners.

In order for us to have an improvement in coexistence and to be able to be in a comfortable environment inside the houses, several sections influence thermal comfort, such as personal air conditioning, the clothes we wear, the passivity of people, … In addition to these factors, we must also have environmental factors such as air currents, interior temperature, height of the homes, …

To all this, if we apply Zeramic Extrem, we will have to add that the interiors of the houses will be antibacterially protected, and we will accelerate photocatalysis, which produces ions negative, beneficial to health.

Steady temperature

With the application of the thermal insulator Zeramic Extrem , what we achieve is an interior improvement avoiding that we have losses of cold or heat, we will avoid the effect of cold feet and hot head, which we have a much more stable temperature, without variations of this.

As a consequence of this, Zeramic Extrem will provide us with significant savings in heating and air conditioning consumption.

Energy saving

Thanks to its formulation and reflectivity, we also manage to have a significant light level, which also leads to energy savings in electricity by lighting the homes.


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Liquid and Gas Pipes

Zeramic Extrem can be applied on pipes in homes. When we apply Zeramic Extrem to hot water pipes, we reduce the energy we need to heat it up as we prevent temperature leaks from pipes and tanks.

Photovoltaic energy

We often find solar panel on homes and other buildings. Zeramic Extrem reflective characteristics make them more efficient (+4%/+5%). In addition, using Zeramic Extrem in this situation, we improve waterproof and thermal insulation in our buildings.

4 liter and 5 liter bins available.


35 m2 per 16-liter drum

9 m2 per 4-liter bin

Roofs and Industrial premises

Goodbye to the oven effect

By applying Zeramic Extrem on the roofs (whether metal or fiber cement) of industrial buildings, we will be able to avoid the odious oven effect, as the roof does not heat up, it will not fire into the interior of the ship the heat that has accumulated during the day, thus avoiding the overcrowding of interior temperature.

Application under cold rooms or offices

In the event that under these covers they have cold rooms or offices, Zeramic Extrem will make us have a very considerable electricity saving, by ensuring that the thermostats do not repeatedly jump and thus the refrigeration equipment are not constantly working. We would not have energy losses from inside the ship or from outside it due to overheating from the outside.

Zeramic Extrem Applications

Zeramic Extrem is a thin thermal insulating product we can apply in the same way as conventional paint (brush, roller or airless).

Zeramic Extrem is as thermally efficient as other thicker insulating solutions (5cm-10cm thick).
Moreover, Zeramic Extrem is easily applied.

Technical Details

Technical Characteristics

Finish: White smooth matte. For RTS, NCS or Nova Color Charts, please contact Customer Service.
Density: 0.77 kg/l.
Solids Volume: 88 ±2%.
Applications temperature: 1ºC and 50ºC.
Efficiency: 0.35-0,4 Kg/m2
Preparation: dilute with 10% of water and mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes. (an electric mixer is recommended).
Once diluted in water, it must be applied within seven days.
Touch Dry: around 180 minutes at temperatures between 18ºC and 20ºC (depending on layer thickness as well).
Total Dry: Between 72 and 96 hours for absorbing surfaces.

Application techniques:
  • Temperature resistance : -10º to 300ºC.
  • Zeramic Extrem thermal conductivity coefficient : 0.057 W / m K
  • Solar opening by Thermodynamics : 0.12
  • Solar reflection : 85.5% ± 0.2
  • Emissivity : 0.76 ± 0.3
  • Index for convection coefficients according to ASTM E1980-11 standard :
    • Mean of the SRI test 105.26 ± 0.3
    • Mean of the test Ts K 315.96
  • Surface temperatures under radiation according to standard UNE-EN ISO 12543-4: 2011 (metal support):
    • -8 Negative degrees (Each degree is equivalent to an energy saving of 6%).
    • Heat transfer: -60.76 W / m²
  • Reaction to fire according to standard UNE-EN ISO 11925-2: 2011 / UNE-EN 13823: 2012 :
    • B-S1.d0 Does not spread fire.
  • Thermal Insulator :
    • Reduces air conditioning costs (hot-cold) by more than 35%. It avoids the oven effect in summer and thermally insulates from the cold in winter, reflects infrared rays.
    • Reduces CO2 emissions.
    • It considerably reduces heating and cooling costs by reducing thermal losses.
  • Accelerated aging according to standard UNE-EN 11507 :
    • Type 1, very slight change, barely noticeable.
  • Adhesion by direct traction according to the UNE-EN 1542: 2000 standard :
    • Average 1.87 N / mm²
  • Permeability to liquid water according to standard UNE-EN 1062-3: 2008 :
    • 0.0235 kg // m².h 0.5
  • Water vapor transmission according to the UNE-EN ISO 7783: 2012 standard :
    • 16.65 V (g / m²x day) and 1.24 S D (m).
  • Carbon dioxide permeability according to UNE-EN 1062 6: 2003 (Anti-carbonation) :
    • SD (m) = 120 ± 15
  • Walkable : Walkable, not walkable.
Other Technical Characteristics
  • Ecological : Very low VOC content.
  • Anti-condensation System : product that eliminates the thermal bridge, in applications on the inside of the roof, increasing the temperature of the substrate, thus avoiding condensation.
  • Waterproof and breathable : 100% waterproof and highly breathable product.
  • Acoustic : dampens impact noise produced by rainwater hitting metal roofs.
  • Photocatalytic : Accelerates photocatalysis and produces negative ions, beneficial for health.
  • Antibacterial : Product that protects us from almost all microorganisms that we can find due to contamination, ideal for the food industry, agro-food industry, wineries …


We are faced with an unusual material, with special characteristics, a single product solves many of the pathologies that we find in the construction or rehabilitation of buildings, homes, roofs, ducts …
Zeramic Extrem is a product that was born from the aerospace industry and technology, developed by NASA, in the 80s, to coat space shuttles, so that they could withstand extreme temperatures when going into space . Combining hollow liquid ceramic microspheres with nanoparticles and nanotechnology.

Which helps us make a life much more comfortable and at the same time achieve a sustainable construction according to the 21st century.

The thermal insulation Zeramic Extrem manages to immediately reduce the reductions of CO₂ into the atmosphere, with which we are collaborating with the new generations to come to preserve the Kyoto protocol on climate change.

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Revestimientos Técnicos Sostenibles, SL has benefited from the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and thanks to which it has launched a Plan of Internationalization with the aim of improving its competitive position abroad during 2018. For this it has had the support of the Xpande Program of the Seville Chamber of Commerce .